to mane

let’s pop doubles somehow. that’d be fun. as i said i’m not a “dancer,” don’t know the lingo, or the formalities/culture of dancing regardless of “venue.” what i do know is what makes me feel good. and so i want to refine my tool/body to be able to articulate that feeling. everything else- all the rules and traditions and whatever else – that is not my concern; just like that stuff is not my concern when it comes to any form of expression or “art.”

what does the expression say to me? how does it move me? i care about all aspects of expression and i’m not going to pre-judge, or judge at all, any expression by singular aspects/attributes. for me, to me – it’s the whole experience i feel.
i love electric boogaloos(amoung others) but i’m not going to slow myself down and muck my expression up with “their” fame, their rules, their traditions or anyone/thing else’s or the general ideology people have about any one thing or cultural aspect/genre. i’m definitely taking a stance on this kind of thing/thinking/behaviour, because it’s who i am. haha, people usually refer to this as “thinking outside the box” but i say “leave your box at home and let expression go where it will.” and people don’t like when you don’t follow tradition, or do things in familiar ways – they’ll fight and kill to defend what they consider to be the “right” thing. “know your roots” “respect” etc.
there is a difference between “knowing the roots” being ignorant, and plain having to follow what you feel. not to mention that “at one time” everything that is now established didn’t exist at one point, had to evolve, and perhaps fight to establish itself.
follow who you are. if that includes tradition and established ways – fantastic, but if you feel something else, then you better do that too. explore that. share it. and take the friction from everyone going the other way, because it’s your duty to yourself and everyone to support what you feel strongly about.
also, no matter how i try to defend it, i can’t stand[to do it myself] dance battling. it’s fun to watch, but it’s like smoking or jewelry to me – it’s fun/cool to watch or appreciate but that doesn’t mean it’s what i’m about, or that i should be doing it.
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