blue-digit-abacus math for the light-headed

you know,

the comment that sums up almost everything i’m against regarding what i said in my previous email is…

“good but not the best”

and the comment is talking about this group or perhaps individuals.. *

i love pop, funk, boogie, whatever!.  and i guess i get heated (and am tired of) when i face or have to be present amongst “light headed” people.

i’m to the point(i feel like this aspect has always been in me- trapped) where i support experience- not dance, not gimmick, not tradition, not reputation, or tribulations… and i’ve said this countless times before and i’ll probably say it countless more – i’ll throw the abacus at the light-headed until i’m blue in the digits – that i respond to all ingredients, however many or little or in their miraculous variable-and-account that speak to me.

my soul hears~ and whatever beats upon those drums deep in my subsonic aura will be my delight; my experience.

and so i will like what i want, and i will lay down my voice for that. i love what i want, and i will support that with my last 9-volt.

ever ready

ever down

to boogie

for cool

for fun

for fresh

*for what speaks to my electrodes… perhaps it’s the beat, not the style of music, perhaps it’s something more fundamentally spoken than that – but i will follow what my core worms by. i will care as less as i can at people who say “this has to be this” and “that must be that.” i have my tastes, my oxidized narrative, and that is what decides, not some master, not some novice, not some school, not some anything. i decide what cherry to put on top or plate to melt my scoops in. all else get’s my poot-scoot dog scratch.

my commentary is thus: i like what remote control represents – brings to the table, i am in love with their teamwork, their cooperative function of construction, their dynamic energy that makes my math smile.

“technicality” gets stuck to the light-headed mind so easily – it’s like the fake barf on spock’s** back. and that technicality-barf sinks it’s tendrils deep into those minds. and i guess it’s too bad for them.

i see past technicality, i see beyond what’s on the nose of other people’s faces. i see genuine, i see fresh.


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