fun and work. or the other way around. they blur- and who cares if they do blur or insinuate amoung one another.

i’m tired and sore from inking letters.   just letters!, and i’m sore.  oof.  but so far so good.

i’m also hungry and have to go find something to eat that doesn’t take much energy to make because i’m just not in that kind of mood or perhaps don’t have the energy to make anything convoluted. i might even have a chip on my shoulder ready to shoot down any suggestion about foods that aren’t convoluted.  I!- will decide what is simple or not. it’s my mood and it knows what it will put up with.

so off i go.

into the night, to avoid the cursed edge – the one i want to butt kick: morning. or the rise of the sun and the established “start of the day.”  bleh!  i generally don’t like the edges of things, the boundaries, the borders, the beginnings and ends. but!, i do like sunsets – so that doesn’t really help my story. it’s a bit contradictory, but … not really if you just live life and stop controlling and forcing and fussing and coughing that nonsense about.

morning birds melt me like vampires on a garlic diet.


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