undulating mats

there’s cabbage up my sleeve and bugs trying to mitigate the logic.

so tonight i bring some recent music i’ve been listening to. many, except for one, of these songs i’ve been sharing here, are only recently released themselves, but they are timeless for my tastes. most might not ever make it to “radio” or mainstream show-play, and if they do it will be a few years before they do – so i am grateful for the discoveries as they occur.

and i am insatiable, meaning i can listen to one or a few songs over the eights.


here’s another song by hooded fang called ode to subterrania. it’s off the same album as the recently shared song bye bye land. the album is gravez.



and then to skew the vegetables a bit, here is a new song by austra from their recent album olympia. it’s called what we done?



going back to rachel zeffira, here is an additional track from her recent album the deserters, called here on in.

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