the indiscriminate passenger

currently i’m doing well.
aren’t i?
isn’t that what they say? isn’t that what they say you’re supposed to say?
“aren’t i?”
actually, as long as one is alive- aren’t they doing well?
and when they are not alive then that is a whole other discussion for those that aren’t alive. only they may really carry on about such things.
but maybe life is not enough.
i think so of they.
life is bonus to existence. it resonates in my mind, and through everything in my surround. maybe i argue with that sometimes, but no, i don’t argue what is plainly and inherently evident.
so even when i am grumpy or sick or dizzy or tense – i am still very well.
i hope others are too. i wish others were too. mainly, that the gift of that awareness, that “staturating” awareness is with their every moment. feeling “well” is nice – knowing well is grand – but being well- without thought, without purpose, without trying; that is something miraculous maybe – who am i too say such things? i am everything to say such things.
and in being, everything seems to want to shout at you about it. everything jumping out of place because it is so compelling to be grouped into such energy.
i think i’m at a point, a point that comes here and there – a saturated point, that comes about watching and witnessing so many people waiting and coasting. if i didn’t know any better, i’d think life wasn’t a ride, a gift, an experience.
everyone waiting. waiting for weekends. waiting for raises. waiting for the next best thing. the new thing, the dreamed and wished for context, the peace of mind, a different mind, a different setting or group or mate or ever and ever and end.
what means? what does it mean? means and not the end? only dreamed of ends and no ‘joyment of the means between.
but i can’t wallow and flounder long. myself can’t let myself. life is life. bonus. existence is standard. it’s the all-i-know standard. and it’s all the time. intense, loudly whispered-abstracts delivered in secreted increments overlapping.
that people can’t won’t don’t appreciate any thing is as grand as the appreciated.
the dumb and the clever. the hateful and the likeful. the humanitarian and the murderer.
a grand constant to abstract eyes.
the emotion enabling reception also blinds. humans cannot remove emotion – but our minds can see beyond the blinds. to see beyond association, history, memory, class, type, order.
history can hinder as well as it can help. we may get stuck on associations and indirect bonds we share, we may also gift wisdom with experience that makes for decisions and action we feel are positive.
and like history, all things are connected. all things are all directions. what rules are there? nature’s rules? nature’s laws? human rules?
i was walking- and looking up at me was a rock.  we moved our knuckles together
and laughed.
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