dunce inane effect [coin phrase]

from my personal glossary:

a situation where, due to one’s imagination or mental context at any given time, hears/sees something entirely more fantastic and [usually] unrealistic than what is written or said. the term “dunce inane” is a portmanteau with a purposeful mondegreen twist deriving from the story of john tolkein where he was greatly disappointed by the trees’ actual movement to dunsinane in the story of macbeth. a misinterpretation caused by his imagination. he had envisioned living trees uprooting foot across the earth but in fact it was just men with ruddy shrubs sneaking about – “what a letdown.” similarly the example of the signage “giant sale” can be given equivalence to j.r.r. tolkein’s example when the mind immediately and instinctively interprets it to mean “a sale by giants.”)

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