hi. i’m back.  i need to take and make more time to write, too.  write for me.  for us for this for thinking and feeling and sharing and getting out and getting clear.

writing for school has got my writing and reading brain lubricated again, and it feels good.  but though it’s inspired my fingers to type again and my mind to think and expand, it’s not the same kind of writing.

grad school means i barely have time to breathe, and i knew it would be, but it’s still adjustment.  what i am learning though is that i have to choose my downtime well and limit the amount of things i tell myself that i ”have” to do.

it’s good though.  it helps me make sure that when i am doing the things that life asks of me, that i am called to be fully present in them in ways that i wasn’t when i could take time more for granted.  like spending a few minutes together with lydia in the mornings, just cuddling and chatting and laughing and embracing the reality of the dawning of a new day together.   i know that time with her is precious, because i have less of those times with her now.  it’s maybe too bad that it took the limitation of those opportunities to help me realize that they are something to be cherished and fully absorbed, but oh well.  it’s the reality that is.

so i want to come back here and share again more often.  thank you guys for doing so too.  can’t say how often i’ll get here, but i’ll be around.



About gabi

i'm a dense configuration of highly combustible particles.
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