i miss the visual artistry of the big landscape shots like in star wars(c3po/r2d2 in the desert) or lawrence of arabia. or of the mental artistry of hermoine and harry on the run, or of the jack sparrow “jones locker”(land of the dead) sequence from pirates of the caribbean at world’s end.

people have to fill up all spaces these days (mental or visual). no place for the eyes or mind to rest. no sense of contrast or movement, or of what it is to be alive and have “real life.”  real life is not always “on,” filling up every space and fighting for attention. it doesn’t have to prove itself. it just is regardless of your own personal individual silliness nonsense.

it becomes you or it doesn’t  you become more or you don’t. there’s no issue to be cautious of or fearful of failing at or proving one’s self to. (with) no reason to force something- you can let “real life” in.  not that you “let real life happen” because it already “happens” regardless of you. there are those that will argue the point of “what is real” saying that the universe(real life) is in the individual and not outside of the individual, but the issue of not feeling the full scope of that “universe”(real life), wherever it may lay, remains a prominent constant in human beings (it seems).

for the most part the general human gets along fine with the above constants- it seems. but when you feel the universe, when you sense the details and the broad strokes all at the same time or flowing as the experience progresses – then it becomes a very lonely and starved situation.

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