why write?

stuffy in the head, and unable to decide on anything nice to do, i thought i’d take a chance on this stream of the interweb, to spew a few thoughts forth, and see what happens.

why write?  i ask myself.  i’ve been trying to get myself writing for a bit now… on topics, in web form, somewhere out here on the nets, but not usually just for expressions sake.  i find that i want to create some document that will draw people into the strange and esoteric worlds i’ve gotten into.  my  most recent attempt at writing  quickly became more about the tools i was using to write and publish than it was about how i felt, what i thought, or what ideas i may have had.  perhaps this inevitable when attempting to setup one’s own publishing framework.  however, i think my obsession with media and technology has me constantly in a thought loop about what means/medium i use to say something.  Marshall McLuhan insisted “the medium is the message.”  So what is the message?  And in this digital world, what exactly is the media?  Dunno.  I keep thinking about it though.


as i’ve been getting back into music, i find myself less inclined to pursue these intellectual trains.  i’m more inclined to resort to more juvenile habits, entertaining myself while i wait for moments of inspiration to strike, allowing a few hours here and there to satisfy my desire for “progress” while the rest of my time is generally unedifying.  too bad there isn’t more true idleness, i feel then i’d be doodling and daydreaming between inspirations rather than feeding my nervous system with some kind of electronic connection.  word.

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