the only dance i actually feel absolutely nothing about. that is, it’s (in) me before my brain has any chance to feel; any chance to corrupt the flavour.

there is no fuss, no concern or thought about it, no awareness of me “having to”- to call it this or that, or learn this or that, or that it simply is a, well anything. funk is naturally connected to me. if i am restricted from moving to a great funk song, i will tear-up from the build-up; not because i’m necessarily sad or happy, but because the funk must come out somehow. and under suppressed situations, it flows out in tears. being blinded by the funk ain’t all that bad though. i welcome those blurry beats. funk is a representative of just living life without excuse or caveat; without careful supposed tos and have-to-bes before you proceed on living.

funk has no time for all’ that. you have to be direct with funk, move with it. with funk you don’t have to think about finding a balance, who takes the lead, if you’re doing it right or not- it comes to you. and maybe you discover that it is you; and “why are you fussing so much about things?”
with funk, you try too hard and you think you may have ruined things. but funk is so bad, so fantastic that you find it’s still with you, dancing, living. it will not abandon you for a more experienced partner. funk can’t get frustrated with you; it never cared about that. it wants life, it charms existence.

like a good fart, i don’t just up and funk without consideration to the context i’m in; but i’ll tell you straight sir, as soon as it’s heard i feel it deep as root and marrow.

funk is gravitous subharmonics accreting the salacious flavours, grabbing that slap from air and earth, hitting your soul hard as neutron. 

and if there be pain in my funk, then let me hurt, let the blood flow – because i welcome all the sensations of that kind of life. in that, there is no bad, no good, no inbetweens.

 when funk happens- i happen.



[some funk samples: up in here, move your boogie body, more and more (bar-kays), cutie pie (one way), let it whip (dazz band)]


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