amigas de plástico

i had a good conversation today, about art.

my friend was saying that it means a lot to him when someone connects to the sound/experience of his music.  he talked about how we are collectively working together to create a reality/language experience.  i remarked that the art that most often resonates with me is that which comes closest to communicating the immediacy of human experience.  when it gets close –  something in me vibrates

his assertion, which i must concede:  ‘there’s no such thing as human experience… because there’s no model about it.  it’s just being human.   no one knows/owns the truth…we only know our single experiences.  it’s pure chaos….but it’s fun.’

even though this is the case, we seek to share, as part of our impulse to connection.  maybe this is why we try to create truth – because we want to be able to believe there is a common currency of language that will facilitate the transmission of experiences we want to believe we have in common.

so much of art is yearning, longing.  so much of life.


ps:  gan, rafa sends his apologies.  their album release has been so delayed, and he feels bad that you haven’t been able to hear their new stuff yet.  he says that it’s guys like you who give him the strength to keep doing it – not to give up on art and music altogether.



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One Response to amigas de plástico

  1. ganasgan says:

    i wish there was a way to convey reaction or soul connection without the medium or hindrance of speaking, writing, etc. but until we can communicate in that way, it is important to say and do and write and all of that – about how one feels, especially about how one feels about another. and that means that there is absolutely no consideration of the dismiss, make fun or lights by others about what you choose to act on – when it comes to what you feel deep inside, what you love, all else is irrelevant. but we are all often told that is not the case in favour of conforming. sure conforming is a tenable medium for human existence evolution survival, blah – but not conforming with force; not conforming with absolute design. it’s best to listen to your nature which includes all that surrounds you.
    i support “plastico,” it’s the kind of situation where (and i’ve never had this happen to me out of the blue) i discovered, well him somehow (i can’t even remember now) but was intrigued by the indications of his character. the music was good, sure, but there was something i responded to, i could feel it. and so i investigated and found all the nooks and cranny’s he’d digitally left behind. it’s how i found his facebook page amoung other things. sure, most these days say it’s “creepy” but i don’t think so when it’s honest and with genuine intrigue and not unbalanced obsession or fulfillment of self shortcomings or vicarious vice. i genuinely, and without intellectual orchestration, just liked the airs he gave off.
    gosh, i cannot recall how i discovered the music. was it a page i found or was it the music i found first. hmm. i have the now out of print cd. i’m glad you can still get those songs on mp3. they are good. and future songs?, i don’t have any expectations. i welcome whatever comes to be shared.

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