editing weighs heavy at times. 

maybe lots of times? sometimes i look up real quick to see if editing is going on.

but it dashes quickly out of sight, or perhaps just sliding to those places i cannot see.


i like talking to you, because ~  because it’s easy.  

is it too easy though?  but then there it is, editing.  thinking too much instead of just being and flowing which comes so wonderfully around you.

just be;


“they” say “life is too short” and all of that.  maybe it is. but what happens if there is so much rush to fit into something, to be something or in a situation that is not really you.  compromise?  “they” talk about life is about compromise.  relationships are about compromise.  and i can’t not think “who said”?  who makes this stuff up?

of course each of us write our own wisdom. what else is there for each of us but what we have come to know, and by instinct and intuition – come to trust?  

what we know feeds our abstract thoughts of projection.  projections into the abstract of past and of future. our imagination feeds off of what we know.  observation of the world feeds us, expands our reality. take in observational nourishment from all sources, a well balanced diet of observation. no avoidance of what is difficult, unfamiliar, or unrecognizable. there is a gradient of risk, from doing what is comfortable and result-proven or proven results all the way to completely unknown situations of outcome.

before we start mutilating and contorting ourselves, we should know ourselves and be allowed to be; us.  society often rushes everyone into pigeonholes, stations, compartments, onto pedestals and other conventional familiars.

boundaries are interesting to me. where does one thing begin and the other end or when does one thing become another?  this sort of thinking is always with me, in me.

sometimes i might wish i could turn it off if i didn’t quickly realize how that would affect my appreciation of the world of existence.

i got a haircut today. i shaved my experimental(well, it came to be an experiment) beard last week.  many people reacted as is common and would be expected.  

i’m fascinated.  continually fascinated.  everything distracts me with fascination. i don’t tire from it, i just tire from the residual effects of it; often the residue amplified by social reflection.


but i love talking to you. you make smiles out of thin air like a cozy handkerchief right when you think you might need to sneeze.  but not to stop the sneeze~ to enhance it and embrace it. . .

experience to the fullest appreciation.

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