so there was this thing i was thinking

the other day.
and it was that i liked my writing better on my blogger blog.  what was different?  i was asking and asking myself.  once i started this wordpress blogging, there was a project.  i don’t think i like the way i write when it’s confessional or project oriented.  i’m not good at writing censored.  i get too frozen stiff stuck boardstiff boring.

the other thing was … ahem.  i was alone in most of that blogging.  every time i got stuck in a relationship or something my blogging slowed down.  this itself should be evidence to me of something.

so… trying again – with no purpose other than to express.  pure expression.  no agenda.  no strained reflection.  no second guesses.  no holding back.  no censorship, and no to very little editing.

time to get free again.



About gabi

i'm a dense configuration of highly combustible particles.
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